Rogues' Gallery


Andy's the Squire, that means he's our leader. He's basically our equivalent of the Prime Minister. He actually started the role of Squire during the Premiership of Liz Truss and shares many of her traits, although he's not as dynamic as her or as well respected amongst his peers.


Rob's our Foreman and that means he teaches all the dancing. He loves a challenge and his favourite is someone who has never danced before - just sayin'!


Geoff is the side's Bagman, so that means he manages the accounts and he also takes all the public enquiries about bookings.  He can often be found with his Profit and Loss spreadsheet, ensuring Hartley remain financially viable.


Pete is our our Events Officer, so if you get in touch for an event he's the chap you'll end up speaking with. With over forty years in the side Pete also leads the drinking and organises some great trips. He can often be found having an impromptu snooze in a pub!


Matthew is one of our youngest dancers and can also leap the highest. He's been dancing for years and that means the old blokes can't take their foot off the gas.


John is Hartley's handyman, he's always ready to sort out any problems we have a long the way and in addition to dancing, he also loves to sing. He can often be found at events supplying the side with copious amounts of food.


Spikey's an old Punk who has hung around with Hartley for years. You never know what he is going to do next but then again, neither does he.


Gareth is our newest full member, he was recently awarded his rosettes. As one of  our newer members, he's a great addition to the side and brings the average age down to 84.


Brian is one of our regular musicians and has not one unusual hobby, but two - he's also a campanologist. He likes his bells all sizes!


Our only full female member and a honorary man, Lisa is not only one of our musicians, but also the sides Musical Director. When not doing that she can usually be found cuddling a tankard of cider.


Terry is one of the two oldest members in the side and knows Hartley, and our dances, inside out. You'll often see him explaining the origins of the dances, be sure to ask him about the concrete barges! He joined the side over 50 years ago so there isn't much he doesn't know about Hartley.


Phil leads Hartley Singers. He joined Hartley the same day as Terry and he's an accomplished musician and can play the Spoons like you've never heard. He collects the sticks after each dance and is affectionally known as El Presidente.


One of our musicians and also in a Shanty group, Mike's busy schedule means he no longer has time to carry out his Jeremy Corbyn lookalike roles. He originally comes from Hull but we don't hold that against him.


Fred used to be a model for Gillette Razors but they got rid of him for not taking the job seriously. He's recently moved to Cumbria but hopefully that won't impact his ability to turn up for practice every week.


When Rick's not blowing his Jug (and that's not what you may be thinking) as part of The Washed Up Jug Band he's one of our longest serving members despite his youthful looks.


Brian is long standing member of the side, a dancer and also a talented musician. They say a picture can paint a thousand words - well this one certainly doesn't say talented musician!

Ravin' Dave

As said previously, they say a picture paints a thousand words - well chew on this! When Dave's not dancing with us, he's dancing with another side, practicing with his Punk band or generally being Dave. He currently holds the Tatman Award for doing something daft - ask him what he did!


Nick is a regular dancer and also manages our Mumming plays before Christmas. He has tried to handover that responsibility but hasn't yet found anyone gullible enough (should read sufficiently interested? - Ed).


Tim is both a musician and a dancer with Hartley and also a musician with another side and also a dancer with yet another side. In his free time he enjoys Morris Dancing.


Smike is a full member of the side but we don't see him too often as he no longer lives locally; however he turns up regularly throughout the year. His 15 minutes of fame was on Wheeler Dealers (and since repeated on Dave!).


Chris joined us recently and is therefore an Apprentice in the side. Apprentices are (theoretically) still learning the dances, but he's done it before and got the T-Shirt.


Tony's a longstanding member of the side but moved some distance away and so wasn't able to come so often. However, we're now seeing him more regularly which is great, although why he wants to mix with us is anyones guess!


Adam made the extremely sensible decision to move to Shropshire, so we don't see him as often as we'd like. He always seems to get to Broadstairs though. I know, why don't we all move to Shropshire?


Robin always joins us for Broadstairs Folk Weeks and we usually see him at a few more events through the year. He always brings with him a smile, a tankard and a joke that it is best not to tell in mixed company.


Pete dances with Victory Morris in Portsmouth but also regularly turns out with us. He's a great asset to the side. He dances a lot, sings a lot and drinks a lot - although not necessarily in that order.


Barty also dances with Victory Morris and also regularly turns out with us. He's also a great asset to the side. He also dances a lot, sings a lot and drinks a lot - although not necessarily in that order. Hang on, there seems to be a theme here!


Merlin looks like a normal person but when wearing Morris kit he becomes somewhat mad. He is house trained but best to be wary when he gets friendly with the Hooden Horse!


Peter's our newest apprentice member, he came along to one of our open evenings in November and has already danced out with us in public - on Boxing Day and in Wrotham, where he lives! Now that's what we call brave!!

The Hooden Horse

Originally erupted from an egg on the beach at Broadstairs many years ago he has followed us around ever since. Somewhat aggressive, he lives off a staple diet of coins of the realm and young children, though not necessarily in that order.